APCA offers hip hop and ballroom. Our dance department syllabus has been restructured to reflect our primary aim of focusing on dance instruction from the perspective of creative expression and pure enjoyment. Students can enjoy a varied number of dance classes for all ages for girls and boys, men and women. We will continue to encourage dancers to appreciate their art form and to also work with musicians and actors to round out their education experience. **PLEASE NOTE: DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!**

We are the proud owners of a state-of-the-art floating hardwood dance surface.
Our 2,700 sq. ft. space is ideal for hip hop and ballroom.


  • Hip Hop Classes
    Ballroom Classes
    Registration Fees
    Please note that there is annual registration fee for each academic year (September-June). Individual fees are $20.00 per person and our family fee is $40.00.