The APCA complex offers 3 options for dance. Ballroom at APCA. Ballet arts of Central New York, offers ballet please click the website directly to see the dance offering. Dance 10 Studio offers a full line up of dance forms, genres and classes inside APCA studios. Please visit Dance10 Studio's webpage directly to see their dance offers

We are the proud owners of a state-of-the-art floating hardwood dance surface.
Our 2,700 sq. ft. space is ideal for all types of dance

Not only does it take skill, but it takes practice to be a good dancer. Under the guidance of the APCA ballroom department, you can learn and compete in Latin Dance Sport and take social Ballroom classes. We offer a variety of options for all ages and levels of ability. Our dance partner and sister school Dance 10 Studio who is on site will provide you with an array of other dance forms, genres, and a variety of dance classes that will meet your needs from preschool age to adult.

Whether you are looking to pursue dance lessons or want to prepare for an upcoming event, APCA has a dance program that can fit your unique needs. Not only is APCA the perfect place to prepare for your special day, but it can also be used as a venue.

Ballroom Private & Semi-Private

Private /Semi Private Ballroom Lessons (60 minutes)

(This class is ideal for individuals and small groups.) Number of students: 1-4. Package includes 4, 60 minute lessons. You have the flexibility to schedule times of instruction at your convenience contingent upon the availability of dance space and instructor availability. Dress code: Please dress comfortably for ease of movement. Ballroom shoes or stocking feet.

Tuition and Lesson Pricing
$240 (4 week package of 60 minute lessons)